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A lobby doesn’t want the appointment of Chairman PTA: Anusha

There are certain people who do not want the appointment of Chairman PTA and rest of the members due to their vested interests, confirmed Minister of State for Information Technology, Anusha Rehman in a press conference.

But now, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will be completed soon followed by a 3G license that must be auctioned through PTA.

Unlike past, the consultants for 3G auction would be appointed by ministry itself instead of PTA. In the previous government, appointment of consultants created havoc when all the three consultants became controversial after then opposition (PML-N) criticized the process of auction on various grounds.

YouTube will be opened soon hinted Ansuha Rehman, while talking to journalists.

Explaining the delay, she said, only ministry of IT wasn’t enough to undo what previous government did in September 2012 by blocking the video sharing site. Rather, an inter-ministerial decision is required by the committee to unblock the YouTube after analyzing all the details about controversial content.

More than 4000 websites have been blocked by the ministry and a mechanism has been devised to block and filter the blasphemous material on internet in the future as well.

A special cell has also been formed in the ministry that will cater to the complaints about blasphemous material anywhere on the web.

Anusha also confirmed that Cyber Crime Protection is also being introduced for handling various cyber related issues that are unattended so far.

On a question about grey traffic, she said that a Rs. 2,700 million solution is going to be installed at PTA on September 15 for controlling this menace more efficiently.

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