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Another Musharraf buddy taken in ‘PMLN-Mush’ government cabinet despite opposition by Sharif loyalists

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad, Jun 28 ( Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif has embraced another crony of Gen Peevez Musharraf, strengthened his cabinet by including Riaz Pirzada.
Pirzada who also enjoyed enormous benefits being part of the PMLQ-PPP last government as minister will guide the PMLN in coping with the crises. Sharif’s kitchen cabinet had strongly opposed Pirzada inclusion but he ignored it.
With inclusion of Musharraf’s buddies like Amir Muqam, Zahid Hamid and many others the PML-N’s new name should be ‘PMLN-Mush’.
While Nawaz Sharif may be trying to get Musharraf punished from the court in treason case his new cronies who were old buddies of Mush will be requesting Sharif ‘jan dayo mian ji, miti pao’ (spare Musharraf). See if Sharif follows the advice of Mush buddies. – Pak Destiny

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