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Ayesha Ahad may join MQM to get protection against Sharifs

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Dec 3 ( Ayesha Ahad, who claims herself to be the third wife of Hamza Shahbaz, is seriously pondering to join MQM to seek protection from the Sharifs.

Though she has announced contesting from Lahore against Hamza in 2013 polls she is weighing different options in this regard. A friend of Ayesha told Pak Destiny that PPP, PTI and MQM had opened their door for her but she was cautiously weighing the options.
“The PPP and PTI may not be able to provide her protection against the Sharifs and their cronies but MQM knows how to protect its leaders and workers.” Ayesha if joins MQM may also get some party office.
Her friend further says the PML-N is pressuring her to leave Pakistan and settle abroad at least for a year or so and in return it will provide relief to her family members by withdrawing different cases against them. A nice offer, Isn’t it. Ayesha does consider it! (


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