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Current season’s record cold wave in the country

LAHORE: The country witnessing current season’s record cold wave, as mercury went sliding down to shivering zero or below zero in most parts, while Kalat remained frozen under minus 15 degree Celsius on Monday, Geo News reported.

The country’s plane areas shivered in the grip of severe cold, report said Lahore witnessed zero temperature for the fist time in the current season, while Peshawar and Dera Ismail Khan also recorded zero temperature, Gujrat minus 2, Islamabad minus 3, Multan 2 and Karachi’s minimum temperature recorded at 3 degree Celsius.


Up in the hilly areas things went all the worse as Kalat recorded minimum temperature at minus 15, Quetta minus 13, Skardu minus 12, Parachanar minus 10 and Rawalakot minus 6 degree Celsius freezing tap water, lakes and streams.


Meteorological Department said that this extreme cold wave would continue for further 2/3 days, while light rain and snowfall on the mountains expected in the upper areas.

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