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Five things a guy will not tell you

News Desk; Guys do not tell everything to the girl they are going out with. Here is a list you should keep in mind

Wondering what guys like in girls? Racking your brains thinking what they are actually thinking? What should you do to make sure he likes you? Do these questions bother you a lot? Well, we have made a list of things that young men on the right side of 25 like to keep to themselves, when it comes to their girls . So go on discover the secrets boyfriends like to keep…

They love the ‘boyfriend’ tag

Contrary to popular belief guys love being in love too. They like the boyfriend tag and no, all boys are definitely not the immature types who are scared of being committed.

They don’t like games after a commitment

When a guy opens his heart to you it would be very wrong to keep playing the ‘hard-to-get’ games. Avoid it. When a girl pulls away the guy will too and soon the relationship will be over so it’s better to avoidthe psychological tug of war.

They’d want their friends to like you

Approval of friends is something that is big for a guy and they would like it if their friends like you. However, they are scared that their friends might covet you. This is something you totally have no control over at all but then guys do get more secure as they get older. If you’ve ever been dumped by a guy who you thought really liked you shortly after meeting his friends take comfort in the fact that you were probably just too hot for him to handle.

Don’t love their friends; like them

Of course they do not want you to ditch them for their friends and they don’t want you to go out of your way to get their friends to like you because they want your energy focused on them all the time. As long as their friends and you can hang out without incident the boyfriend in them is happy.

They worry that they will lose you

People keep writing about how to keep a guy interested in you but actually when a guy likes you then it is not hard at all. Actually it is the guys who are worried that you might dump them. Just be his girlfriend and he is happy! (Agency)

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