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Hamza + Shahbaz, equal on marriage front with a score of 4: lets see who wins

By Sadia Shah

Lahore, July 19 (http://www.pakdestiny.com)
Hamza has finally contracted fourth marriage with his first wife Dr. Rabia Khan while his third wife Ayesha Ahad knocked at the superior court to stop him but to no avail.
Hamza’s father Shahbaz Sharif has also tied the knot with Punjab Health Department’s deputy secretary Ms Kalsoom Hai. A mother of three, Kalsoom got divorce from her first police officer husband and tied the knot with Shahbaz recently.
Unlike his father’s marriage his one got place in print media. Will the conventional media dare to publish Shahbaz’s new marriage?
Marriage between Hamza and Rabia was planned in the US few months ago but it got delayed due to Ayesha factor.
Ayesha got issued legal notice to Hamza to stop him marrying Ms Khan but her efforts met failure.
She is still desperate to make him confess that she is her (third) legal wife. Let’s see if Mr Hamza gets ever persuaded.
Let’s guess who goes for fifth marriage first now – father or son. – (http://www.pakdestiny.com)

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