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Hamza’s marriage with his first wife put on hold

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad June 1 (www.pakdestiny.com) Hamza’s marriage with his first wife Dr. Rabia Khan has been postponed for indefinite period because of political reasons.
Mian Nawaz Sharif has reportedly spoiled (bhanji mar di hai) on Hamza’s marriage plan. And also his third wife Ayesha Ahad is running after him to become an ‘uninvited’ guest in the ceremony. Poor Hamza will have to remain ‘legally’ single till — big Mian sahib can answer.
Marriage between the one time couple was planned in the US and Hamza along with his father Shahbaz Sharif and other family members were set to fly off when the elder Sharif intervened and asked the Sharif junior to put off the marriage plan for the time being and settle the Ayesha issue first.
Mian sahib is of the view that the family cannot afford a scandal while Ayesha’s issue has not settled yet.
Ayesha has already filed a suit against Hamza asking the court to stop him from contracting another marriage without her permission.
Hamza, a three-time divorcee, is interested to tie the knot with his three-time divorcee first wife. His love for Ms Khan has rekindled.
Ms Ahad on the other hand says Hamza has not yet divorced her and she is still his ‘legal’ wife. “I will not let Hamza to marry before publicly divorcing me,” she told pakdestiny.com. (Pakdestiny.com)




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