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Imran Khan’s election petition may never be taken up

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Sept 2 ( The Election Commission of Pakistan may not take up PTI chairman Imran Khan’s request to verify voters’ thumb impression in at least four constituencies to address its rigging claim as if it does so the May 11 will be controversial and so that of PML-N government.
The PTI, PPP and PML-Q believe that the ECP and the ‘other institution’ are deliberately not taking up Khan’s petition primarily to avoid crisis in the country. “Had the thumb verification proved that the elections results were manipulated who would afford to send PML-N government packing and call for fresh elections,” a PTI leader says adding this is the main reason the ECP and ‘other institution’ may never take up Mr Khan’s plea.
The PTI and other opposition parties claim that the May 11 elections were ‘manipulated and managed’ to deprive the opposition parties of at least 30 to 40 national assembly seats in order to form PML-N government with a single majority. – Pak Destiny


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