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Ishaq Dar should ask CJ to ‘punish’ Nazir Naji for criticising PMLN ‘historical’ budget

By Anam Fayyaz

Lahore, Jun 14 ( Nazir Naji has severely criticised Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for coming up with ‘people-crush’ budget 2013-14.
The PMLN which used to go to the court in every matter of its disliking in the past to get relief may move the Supreme Court pleading the Chief Justice to punish all those including Naji who are writing against the PMLN ‘efficient and honest’ ministers and members.
Naji should better hire a lawyer to anticipate Dar’s move.
Lahore witnessed some demonstrations against the budget today. Let’s see if the protests force the N League to give some relief to the poor and government employees. Pak Destiny



  1. watchdog June 17, 2013
  2. Taimoor ali June 18, 2013

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