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Karachi operation fails before its formal start

By Iram Salim
Islamabad, Sept 12 ( The PML-N government has decided not to get blackmailed by MQM in Karachi and continue its operation there to hunt the criminals.
The Karachi operation appears to be a failure before its formal start. MQM has vowed to resist it terming it a ‘well coordinated’ operation against MQM.
The PMLN on the other hand is determined to go ahead despite all hurdles. Let’s see if in the end it turns out to be battle between PMLN and MQM.
Meanwhile, MQM chief Altaf Hussain condemned the arrest of a former provincial legislator belonging to the party, Nadeem Hashmi, whereas a shutdown was observed in Karachi and in some areas of Hyderabad.
In a statement issued from the MQM’s London secretariat, Altaf claimed that the Sindh government was conducting one-sided action against the MQM office bearers and activists and asked the provincial government to explain the reasons and clauses of the law under which the former Member of Provincial Assembly was taken into custody by law enforcers.
The MQM chief further said that he had always advised his party workers to remain calm and patient and appealed for the same today.
Altaf Hussain’s statement concluded with the remarks that he had handed over the responsibilty, for the resolution of issues faced by party, its workers and citizens at large, to the members of the Rabita committee and the Tanzeemi (organising) sector, according to the MQM’s official website.
The MQM chief said that those given the responsibility were completely independant in making their decisions and he hoped that they would make their deicions with complete honesty while remaining withing the parametres of party discipline, the statement added.
An emergency session of the MQM’s Rabita (coordination) committee was also held at the party’s London and Karachi headquarters to decide the further course of action to be taken over the arrest of party members.
Nadeem Hashmi was arrested late on Tuesday over suspected involvement in the murders of two policemen in Karachi’s North Nazimabad area and was subsequently shifted to the Pirabad police station. – Pak Destiny


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