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Kashmala in ‘hot’ controversy

By Sadia Shah


Lahore, June 5  ( Kashmala Tariq is among one of the few ‘bold and beautiful’ women MNAs. In a long list of her admirers some media guys are also not behind.
In an exclusive audio we have some ‘bold talk’ of her with a politician. We are looking forward to having your ‘right guess’ about the politician.

Listen love chat of KT

If player/video doesn’t load please press F5 to refresh page.

KT is discussing her amazing experience in our neighbor country India. She loves delicious food and hot dresses of young girls there. She is also heard complaining about Pakistani food and culture. She admires our neighbor country culture where middle class girls are allowed to hold their boyfriends tight while sitting on bicycles. Poor KT misses that so much. You find much more in the talk which we can’t translate further the reason you find yourself.
In a talk show with Mehar Bokhari KT says women in parliament do not get complete rights so how they can fight for the rights of common women.
But after hearing that audio clip you will get a perfect idea of what rights she wants to give to our Pakistani females.
Her colleague Firdous Ashiq Awan should better hear the audio as she will love it and will try to prove her claim about KT she had made earlier. (



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