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Meera sex video was leaked by her boy-friend

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Jan 10 (Pak Destiny) Meera’s sex video has been leaked by her boy-friend Capt Navid.
Sources told Pak Destiny that Navid made the ‘sexual intercourse’ video on his laptop and later released it. “As Meera’s private parts are exposed in the video and Navid is covered he had taken revenge from Meera for not ‘entertaining’ him any more,” the sources said.
Poor Meera is so upset as she had no idea that her sex video made with her consent (also seen in the video) could ever be made public none else but the man she had been sleeping with.
“Now Meera is left with no other choice but to accept Navid his ‘husband’ otherwise she may face hadood case.”
Pak Destiny is no uploading ‘meera’s sexual intercourse video” keeping in view journalism ethics. Pak Destiny

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