Men exaggerate sexual thoughts

Men, who are believed to think about sex every seven seconds, are much less consumed by it than previously thought, a new study has revealed. 

The research, conducted by Duke University in the US, has found that both men and womenoverestimate how much time they ruminate about sex, as well as how often they have it, theNew York Daily News reported.

It was found that men tend to this more, presumably in an attempt to live up to gender stereotypes.

The researchers surveyed 202 men and women on sexual health topics, like interest in sex, level of activity, discomfort or dysfunction, and satisfaction.

During the final survey, subjects rated their sexual interest as they recalled it as 0.7 higher than their daily reports, with men inflating this a bit more than women.

The research also suggested that both men and women in a good mood tended to over-report how much sex they’d been having, and rated it as better than it actually was.

However, those in bad moods tended to downplay their sexual frequency and satisfaction.

source: timesofindia

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