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Nisar’s statement against Gen Pasha ‘amounts to declaring war on ISI’

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, June 19 ( Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, interior minister of PML-N government, has declared that his government is in full mood to take on the army.
Nisar’s statement that former ISI chief Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha like people are still in the Pak army (a reference to bad cops) and “we will have to purge the army of his (Pasha) kind” is nothing short of declaring war on the country’s premier intelligence agency.
With out applying the term of ‘black sheep’ Nisar vent out his venom against Pasha whom he earlier accused of patronising Imran Khan.
Even such a criticism had not come from rival country India on the ISI former or current head.
Nisar’s hard hitting criticism will not earn him and his party any praise in the ranks of army especially the ISI.
Sooner or later the PMLN and army will be at logger heads if one goes by the Nisar’s words. Even the relations between the two organs of the state will not be the same after Nisar’s anti-ISI former chief statement.
The PMLN should learn from its past mistakes and desist from maligning the Pak army. – Pak Destiny


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