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PM Sharif not willing to oblige his cronies who want him to lay hands on Chaudhrys of Gujrat

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, July 15 ( Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is reportedly resisting to the pressure of his cronies who want him to lay hand on Chuadhrys of Gujrat to settle an ‘old score’ with them.
Sources informed Pak Destiny that a group in the PML-N had been active, suggesting PM Sharif “it is high time to settle an old score with the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and for the purpose the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should be given the task. It also wanted Sharif to target President Zardari after completion of his term in office.
The PMLN group which failed to find any thing against the Chaudhrys in Bank of Punjab Rs9 billion scam during the last five years now again has got active.
The sources said some group members recently had requested PM Sharif to direct the NAB to find out something in BoP case against the Chaudhrys and ‘frame’ them.
The group members managed to ge a statement of a BoP official alleging the Chaudhrys’ mills had taken loan from the bank.
PML President Senator Chudhry Shujaat Husain had clarified that none of his family members had taken loan from BoP. Even the NAB clarified that BoP scam had nothing to do with the Chaudhrys.
However, the sources say despite the PMLN group’s wish, Nawaz Sharif has not yet given a go-ahead to the NAB to lay hands on the Chaudhrys.
“Nawaz knows that the Chaudhrys had given protection to their business in Pakistan when he and Shahbaz Sharif were in exile in Saudi Arabia,” the sources said, adding even Hamza Shabaz owed a lot to the Chaudhrys for the favours he had taken from them during the exile period.
Hamza remained in Pakistan during the period and looked after the business here during the period.
“I think Mian sahib has learnt a lot from the past politics and he will not be interested in opening a new political front on the wish of some of his cronies who have personal issues with the Chaudhrys,” a PMLN leader told Pak Destiny. Besides, he said the PMLN was no mood to target any PPP personality either.
“Our government will not open any cases against President Zardari even after his completion of term in office on Sept 9,” he said, adding the PMLN however would not come in the way of the court if it orders any corruption related probe against any PPP leader. – Pak Destiny


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