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Punjab Governor Sarwar’s 22-day love for ‘Green’ passport

By Iram Salim

Lahore, Aug 28 ( Losing ‘Red’ passport for ‘Green’ is something difficult to bear with, even in return one gets high office of the governorship.
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar who quit his British nationality and surrendered his ‘Red’ British passport before assuming the office this month (Aug 5) could not bear to hold the Pakistani ‘Green’ passport for even a month. His love for Green passport is over in 22 days.
He yesterday went to Lahore’s Garden Town office and got rid of ‘Green’ passport. Perhaps many others also have the same wish.
The governor applied for diplomatic (Red) passport and in a couple of days he will get back what he had lost about a month ago to grab the covet post in Pakistan as under the Pakistani law, a dual national cannot hold a public office here.
It is understandable, governor sahib. It is not easy to surrender ‘Red’ passport for the ‘Green’ one which doesn’t hold respect worldwide.
Mr Sarwar might have spent a month in ‘great agony’ without a ‘Red’ passport. Let’s see how a Red passport holder serves the green passport holders. – Pak Destiny

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