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Women wake up grumpier than men: study

News Desk A new study finds that women are prone to waking up grumpier than men in the morning. The rationale: women just need more sleep, and if she’s grumpy, chances are she’s running short on mood-boosting zzzs. Researchers from Duke University in the US revealed that women suffer more than men, both mentally and physically, if they go without sufficient sleep, CBS News reported. Sleep-deprived women have higher risks of heart disease and depression as well as higher inflammation markers, which sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus says can lead to pain, according to the report.A new US study finds that women need more sleep than men, and they tend to wake up grumpier than men if they don’t get adequate sleep.

However, a man’s health didn’t appear to be closely linked to how much he sleeps, researchers said.

“In this particular study, women had more depression, anger, and hostility early in the mornings when they weren’t getting the same amount of sleep that they normally get,” Breus told CBS. “When they have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, that seems to have a dramatic effect.”

If you can’t get adequate sleep at night, Breus suggests taking naps of either 25 or 90 minutes. Anything longer or shorter will make you feel worse when you wake up, he said.(Agency)

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