ARY and its anchor earn bad name for Pak media after launching the ‘cheapest ever sting operation in media history’ …

iqrarul hassan

By Sarmad Ali

(Pakdestiny.com) The ‘cheapest form of sting operation’ carried out by ARY anchor Iqrarul Hasan has brought the entire Pak media into bad light as how desperate journalists here are to get cheap fame.

Hasan earned bad name for Pakistani media although he and his channel are celebrating ‘the sting operation’ at the Sindh Assembly where Hasan’s team member managed to take along a pistol. It was ridiculous to call it a sting operation as the journalists are privileged to certain ‘protocols’ and nobody check them.

Had this ARY team done the same thing in Punjab Assembly Shahbaz Sharif would have shown its members their ‘okaat’. Iqrar Hasan and team members would have been rotting in jail for a considerable time for bringing the august house into disrepute. But since the PPP leaders in Sindh did not have nerves they succumbed to the ARY pressure and Iqrar and his team members managed to get bail eventually.

It’s big sham for ARY especially and Pak media in generally. The ARY and its journalists should better go through the basic definition of sting operation before calling their cheapest stunt as ‘sting operation’.  – Pak Desyiny

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