Express News anchor Gharidah ‘exposing too much’ in her program as PEMRA is silent over this violation of code of conduct


By Kiran Bokhari

( Gharidah Farooqi is the only Pakistan female anchor who shows her ‘full body’ during her talk show to attract maximum viewership on Eexpress News TV.

It is unfortunate for any female anchor of the country to take help of objectionable act in the race of ratings. “Although some senior staff in the Express TV has objected her style of presenting her program and asked the top management to stop herself from exposing too much in  her talk show but it did not bother,” sources in the Express TV told Pak Destiny.

No other female anchor in Pakistan exposes herself the way Gharidah is doing. “She should better improve the content and presentation of her program instead of banking on ‘extra-exposure’. Where is Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority headed by Absar Alam,” they questioned.

PEMRA was quick to ban Dr Shahid Masood for his anti-judiciary talk but maintaining silence over Farooqi’s ‘extra-exposure’ … –Pak Destiny


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