Imran in ‘blind alley’ over Raiwind protest – losing steam on Panama drive

imran khan, raiwind palace, nawaz sharif

By Raza Rruman

(Pakdestiny.com)  PTI chief Imran Khan has found himself stuck in a blind alley over Raiwind march.

    He seems to have stuck between the devil and deep sea. If he decides to withdraw from PTI Raiwind march he will surely bite the dust and PML-N will fully cash in the situation. In case he sticks to the plan, none of his allies is with him besides the people are also not welcoming his move to march on Raiwind where the Sharifs are living.

    Already all his allies – Dr Tahirul Qadri’s PAT, Jamaat-i-Islami, PPP and PMLQ – have distanced themselves from PTI Raiwind protest Imran Khan is in a fix what to do or not. This move has taken out the steam of the campaign he launched against Nawaz Sharif for his children’s off-shore holdings.  At the moment the premier is emerging stronger and likely to complete his tenure.

PTI has chosen ‘Adda Plot’ a place some 6km from Nawaz Sharif Raiwind residence, for its rally.  “The march has nothing to do with the prime minister’s residence, except that one path leads towards his house.  It will be a peaceful protest. This is a guarantee to the entire nation,” Aleem Khan said. “I request the police and government not to intervene, otherwise there will be retaliation… PTI will monitor the path leading towards Jati Umrah ourselves, we guarantee this,” he said.

Imran Khan said he may change a strategy of protest on Panama. Lets see how Khan and company manage to put maximum pressure on Nawaz either to resign or form a judicial commission to probe Panama. – Pak Destiny


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