Imran’s loses chance to become a ‘hero’ – gets afraid of police torture – PTI workers call him a ‘chicken’


By Iram Saleem

(Pak Destiny) PTI Chairman Imran Khan might have become a ‘hero’ had he led Islamabad protest from the front and received some ‘kicks and lathis’ from police and subsequently arrested.
But Khan chose a soft bed at his Bani Gala residence and let his workers at the mercy of Punjab and Islamabad police. “Nothing can be more disappointing for PTI workers seeing their leader afraid of facing police,” Asif Massood, a PTI worker vent out his anger at Imran, told Pak Destiny today.

“I do not want a coward leader who is afraid of leading his workers from the front. In fact Imran chickened out… I must say he is a chicken. He should now better do something else after this huge embarrassment he faced after inflicting this defeat on his workers,” he said.

A PTI MPA from Rawalpindi city told Dawn he switched on his mobile phone to find “more than 2,000 messages on Whatsapp and Viber” from workers and supporters asking for reasons. “As we were unaware about this, we opted to stay silent,” he said. He said the party failed to mobilise workers and supporters in the district because of negligence, and only 1,500 people arrived in Banigala despite the call from the party’s chairman, Imran Khan.
“The party received 80,000 votes from NA-56 and the same in NA-55, but we failed to bring half of them to Islamabad. The party chief had no choice but to announce the dharna had been postponed, to save face and welcome the Supreme Court,” he said.
The MPA added: “The party wanted Nawaz Sharif’s resignation, as it told party members, but suddenly changed the plan and agreed on the terms of reference for the Panama Papers leaks.”
Dhoke Hasu resident and PTI worker Mohammad Abbas said: “After over a week of drama, the party wasted the time and efforts of active workers in the garrison city and suddenly changed the plan.” He said next time the party leader should give a call with a clear vision for the future, and added that the party had disappointed its workers with its decision.
“All the local leaders in Rawalpindi are divided and failed to make contact with the workers. I faced baton charge and my friend was arrested by the police, but the local leaders failed to respond to calls,” Malik Abid, a Shamsabad resident, said. He said his friend’s father managed to bring him home without any help from the PTI leadership, and told him not to go out with PTI workers again.
Nov 2 is now considered to be a ‘doom’s day’ for PTI. A party which was re-born five years ago now is dead again… thanks to Khan Sahib’s ‘wisdom’. Pak Destiny


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