Unlike Hamid Mir’s case Jang/Geo group remains ‘over cautious’ in Abid Abdullah’s abduction – he is freed eventually

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) This time Jang/Geo group remained over cautious and did not directly point fingers at ISI for the kidnapping of its op executive – Abid Abdullah.

Abdullah,  a Jang Group executive, was kidnapped  on Wednesday in Peshawar area at 3am by six people in two vehicles. The FIR his driver got registered saying that the kidnappers said their next target is Najam Sethi, Hamid Mir and Shahzeb Khanzada. The FIR said the kidnappers kidnapped Abdullah because he was close to Mir Shakilur Rrehman.

But after 24 hours Abdullah is set free. “Abid Abdullah has freed,” Geo official  in Islamabad confirmedand is fine,” he said

Abid Abdullah is a senior professional and helped launch Daily Express and then Jehan Pakistan which he quit in December 2012 and later returned to Jang Group.

Treading on a careful path MSR and Jang/Geo group remained tight-lipped over Abdullah’s abduction and did not rush to blame the premier agency like it did in the case of Hamid Mir when he was shot at and injured in Karachi.  It is better the group learnt from the past mistake and did not try to jump to conclusion till investigation is complete. Pak Destiny



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