London-born Faryal reveals her husband boxer Amir Khan’s parents ‘bullied’ her – Amir still silent over it

By Kiran Bokhari

        (Pak Destiny)  Boxer Amir Khan’s wife revelations that she was ‘bullied’ by her in-laws has created a stir in Pakistani media which madly expressing its shock as how come this happened in London.

         Faryal Makhdoom, wife of Pakistani origin British national boxer Amir Khan, reveals what many choose to hide.

She said: “My in-laws attempted to hit me and also tried to force Amir to divorce me when she was nine months pregnant. In fact my husband was also a victim of his parents’ bullying tactics but they failed to get result from their nefarious designs,” Faryal opened up.
Faryal’s Snapchat story began circulating on social media today as many appreciated her for speaking out against domestic violence. Faryal claims Amir is with her but would not say anything against his parents out of respect.
          “I did it [spoke out on Snapchat] because there are so many Pakistani daughters-in-law who go through this and never speak up. I was one of them, who stayed quiet for my husband’s respect, for my family’s sake. I spoke up to make these women strong… I spoke up to defend my husband who has done so much for his family but still gets grief, why? I wanted people to see this is unacceptable,” Faryal said.”
“At first it was the cultural thing of mom, dad, listen to everything they say. But in time Amir saw I was getting mistreated and it wasn’t fair to see your wife and child be put through this. Amir supports me in everything I do, we are one,” she said, adding  her domestic situation was unbearable for the three years she’s been with Amir.
            “I was bullied by my in-laws but now that I have spoken out I feel a sense of relief,” she said.
              Faryal also said the parents and other relatives of Amir were jeolous of his fame and wealth. “I want Amir to stay in touch with his mom and dad forever but they should not be given any right to abuse me any more,” Faryal said.
            Faryal has set an example for other victims of domestic violence to raise their voice against this injustice. — Pak Destiny


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