Noor to have a businessman her fifth husband – not blaming singer Hamid for divorce

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) This is a season of divorce among the show-biz celebrities. After Veena-Asad break up film star Noor parted ways with singer hubby Wali Hamid.

This is her fourth divorce. Sources told Pak Destiny that a famous businessman is a cause of their divorce. Hamid who said to be in love with her had objected her frequent meetings with the businessman and even touring abroad with him.

As his marriage could not survive Hamid has asked asks for privacy and requests followers to refrain from badmouthing his wife. Noor does not blame Hamid for divorce as it is her decision.
In his Facebook page he wrote: “A heartiest humble request to all ‘’Please refrain from commenting negative about Noor, I found my soulmate in her, we had the bestest times of our life together and I still love her, respect her and always will and never want to part ways.” He said blaming women are common phenomena upon the occurrence of a divorce.
Hamid and Noor had tied the knot in 2015. Wali is the son of renowned classical singer Hamid Ali Khan. Pak Destiny wishes Noor good luck for her fifth marriage. – Pak Destiny


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