A Pakistani lawyer speaks against Erdogan for not allowing funerals of rebels

By Sarmad Ali

(Pakdestiny.com) A Pakistani lawyer has dared to write to the United Nations drawing its attention towards Turkey’s gross violation of human and Islamic rights.

Kashif Mahmood Solangi, a Lahore-based lawyer has written a letter to UNO Secretary Generals Bankimoon, a copy of which available with Pak Destiny, asked the UN to intervene as how the Turkish government under the rule of Erdogan not allowing funeral prayers for the dead of the rebels.

“The constitution of turkey introducing government of Turkey cannot be suspended religious rights of citizens in the territorial jurisdiction of Turkey but governing body of the truly has committed very serious offence against the citizens religious rights which shown same conduct is filthy and shameful act for democracy because president of Turkey has proved his self as a dark ages king about his opposing peoples,” the letter says.

The Turkey government has banned the funeral pray of opposing people who were died during the struggle of change.

“Thus Turkish government has deliberately committed the offence against Islam and Muslims of the world due to! Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs.

Turkish government has refused Injunctions of Islam on the bases of failed coup revenge for the enforcement of its own style democracy.”

The lawyer said grand mufti of Islam in Saudi Arabia can guide the UN on Islamic point of you regarding the funeral service.

“Sir, in the light of above mention circumstances may kindly be directed to United States of America USA will not hand over the Muhammad Feth Ul Golan to dark Ages King (President of Turkey) in the recent situation for the global peace.

It is very important to share with you large number of teachers and educationalist are detained b the Turkey Govt. which is serious risk for democracy future in Turkey.

It is therefore, respectfully humbly prayed may kindly be directed to Turk Govt. for the act under UNO Chartered, Turkish constitution and injunctions of Islam for the protection of democracy instead of personal revenge,” it says. — Pak Destiny




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