Terrorism in educational institutions forces a cellphone company to introduce a “security watch” for children


By Iram Salim (Pakdestiny) A cellular company has introduced a ‘security watch’ for children making them connected with their family while they are away from home.
Keeping in view the security needs in the current situation Ufone introduced the ‘UWatch’ at its launch ceremony here.
“The watch keeps families connected in a way they want to be without the need to buy a young child a smartphone. It is a kind of wearable mobile watch designed specifically for kids so that they keep in touch with their parents,” Taimur Faiz Cheema, the company’s general manager marketing said while talking to reporters.
He said the watch provided two-way voice calling functionality. The parents can dial into the watch and also the child can dial from the watch to the parents’ mobile number; also providing real-time location capability via GSM/GPS positioning so that parents could be aware of their child’s location.
The watch was securely controlled by the parents using its app through a smartphone supporting both Android and IOS platforms. “Through the app, parents can stay connected with their children throughout the day from their own mobile device. Whether it’s checking to see that the child has made it home safely from school or calling to let your child know you are running a few minutes late, the app delivers the connection and peace of mind that every parent desires,” he said.
The app provided accurate real-time locations of the child and could also control who your child made and received calls. “Parents can set up ‘safe zones’ to receive notifications when their child has left or entered certain locations,” he said. – Pak Destiny

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