Are PMLN patwaris a match with PTI youthias?

By Raza Ruman

‘Attack’ on PMLN Maryam Aurangzeb was the top trend on Twitter on Saturday with most tweets condemning her assault at the hands of PTI activists.

Interesting thing is some senior journalists were taking side making it very much obvious that some of them are PTI touts, some are establishment’s and some PMLN’s.

Moeed Peerzada who happens to be both PTI and establishment’s tout openly supported attack on Ms Aurangzeb saying: ” Maryam Aurangzeb now calling Imran Khan “Goonda” “Badmash” (illegal income) and “Dhashatgard” (terrorist); so did Imran Khan used Punjab Police to kill 12 & shoot 100 in Model Town Lahore? Sabzazar? Could language be twisted so out of context; Maryam needs an Urdu dictionary!”

On the hand, PMLN tout anchor Sana Bucha said: “Meanwhile, inside the Parliament #PMIK drones on about moral standards and replicating Pakistan into Madina. Moments earlier outside the parliament his own party supporter hit Ahsan Iqbal with a shoe on his head. And Maryam Aurangzeb was kicked by a PTI supporter. #IronyJustDied.”

Both PTI and PMLN social media teams had their heads banging against each other.

In this episode, one thing is there the PMLN activists have no match with the PTI youthias.

PMLN patwaris are nothing but ‘choori khanay wali party’ and it has no match with PTI walas who are only living on pipe dreams sold to them by their leader Imran Khan.

So the PMLN should stop claiming that it can teach a lesson to the PTI activists with it’s supporters. It can’t. PAK DESTINY

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