BOL TV’s ‘unimpressive’ launch disappoints many

bol tv launch

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) BOL TV has finally among the saddle of Pakistani media, thanks to the authorities concerned who let this happen despite extreme pressure of certain elements in the media and government.

But what is this. Highly unimpressive launch. So pathetic that even the C category TV channel today was laughing at it. No I TV channel of Pakistan… that was the slogan BOL chanting but it appeared poor like Zia Shahid’s Channel 5. Sohaib Sheikh, CEO of BOL, could make his appearance perhaps because he is indicted.
Some BOL friends told me that BOL management deliberately keeping a low profile. “Slowly we will build up after getting seasoned journalists onboard.” I believe their words…but the contemporary media isn’t. It thinks that BOL may never match with Geo unless it gets top anchors of this group on BOL’s boat.
Lets see if BOL makes some good comeback or goes in bewilderment like Din TV or Channel 5 — Pak Destiny


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