40,000 Pakistani sent back home by Saudia – Will PM Sharif take up this matter Saudi King?

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Around 40,000 Pakistanis have been deported from Saudi Arabia during the last four months causing a huge deficit to remittances in the first quarter of 2017.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the deportations of thousands of Pakistanis have been made for violating the rules of residence and work. “Involvement of several Pakistani nationals in some terrorist actions orchestrated by the militant Islamic State (IS) group as well as crimes of drug trafficking, thefts, forgery and physical assault prompted calls for thorough scrutiny of Pakistanis aspiring to work in Saudi Arabia,” the report said.
The Saudi Gazette further said: “Abdullah Al-Sadoun, chairman of the security committee of the Shoura Council, called for thoroughly scrutinising the Pakistanis before they are recruited for work in the Kingdom. Pakistan is itself plagued with terrorism due to its close proximity with Afghanistan.” He added the Taliban extremist movement is itself born in Pakistan.
Will Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif take up the matter of deportation of Pakistanis with the Saudi king as Pakistan can not afford to have back its so many workers from Saudi Arabia. It will have a serious dent on remittances/foreign exchange on which this country is running economically. – Pak Destiny


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