Aeisha Varsey and Imran Khan’s Marriage. What’s Cooking?

imran khan,Aeisha Varsey

After ending of Dharna new breaking and trending news floating around Imran Khan’s ‘marriage’. This time again senior journalist Arif Nizami has given a hint of Imran Khan’s “marriage” and this happened after the inclusion of Aeisha Varsey into PTI.  Arif Nizami is the one who had broken the news of Imran Khan’s marraige with Reham Khan so he can be considered a ‘valid’ source of this budding news.

Aeisha Varsey is a Karachi based fashion designer who is famous for her bridal wear and have recently joined PTI.

Here are some pictures of fashion designer Aeisha Varsey

Aeisha Varsey joins PTI

Watch Video : Arif Nizami on Aeisha Varsey and Imran Khan


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