Arshad Shareef was brutally tortured, fingers broken and nails removed before shooting him dead

By Irum Saleem

    Extremely horrifying and sad details about brutal murder of journalist Arshad Shareef have come to fore.

     His fellow journalist Kamran Shahid disclosed in Dunya TV that Arshad was tortured for hours before his brutal murder.

   Arshad nails were taken out and his two fingers were broken. The terrible details are telling a story of this poor country.

     Now where the claim of all those who were saying it was a case of mistaken identity…total bullshit.

    The new details about the brutal murder of Arshad was the top trend on Twitter on Wednesday. With one tweet saying “We can never forget nor can we forgive ourselves for what has happened to you. We will keep on our search till we find the actual characters behind this horrific crime. May Allah SWT bless you in heavens”.

   Umair Iqbal said: “Arshad sharif was brutally tortured and then was killed, his fingers were broken and he was shot in close range. Dunya news! Now question is why the top men said in a press conference that it was a case of mistaken identity #ImranKhanLongMarch #leaked


   Actress Misgi Khan said: “Oh my God… uffff such heinous cruel torture for speaking the truth. The post mortem report reveals the facts behind the lies of mistaken identity crap. What a huge loss to the nation as there won’t be another fearless brave #ArshadShareefShaheed we demand justice for him ASAP.”

   Maham says “Stop sharing the pictures and videos of #ArshadShareefShaheed report even if it’s true, isn’t it enough that a brave man was mercilessly murdered away from home… We all know who these shameless lowlife cowards are behind this. Our beloved Shaheed Arshad sharif you didn’t deserve this, your killers will pay for this….”

   Let’s see and wait for the divine justice. PAK DESTINY

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