Moonis Elahi and others demand ‘imposition of education emergency’ and bringing back over 20m out-of-school children

ch Moonis Elahi and others demand 'imposition of education emergency' and bringing back over 20m out-of-school children

By Wardah Hasan

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) senior leader and parliamentarian Moonis Elahi has demanded the PTI government impose ‘Education Emergency’ forthwith in the country specially to address the issue of about 20million out of school children.

His voice is supported by many on the social media pressing the government to take drastic steps not only to enroll over 20m out of school children but also do something to bring back those children who left school because of Covid 19.

“Educational institutions have once again been closed because of Coronavirus. On the loss of academic session, there has been only an official lip service. The government must rise above from this and impose education emergency forthwith,” Mr Moonis said.

“The government must also increase education budget and make arrangements for vaccination of teachers,” the PML-Q parliamentarian stressed.

Mr Moonis also demanded restoration of free Internet for students in Punjab. He is of the view the government should not only consider changing syllabus but also educational system.

The PML-Q is an ally of the PTI coalition government and it is said that it gives importance to its ally’s suggestions.
“Thanks a lot Sir for raising this issue. No one in main stream leaders bother to talk about it. Kindly raise your voice against exploitation of private teachers too,” said M Shafique in a tweet.

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“More power to you (Moonis) for raising this issue with your ally party. It is a need of the hour that ‘Education Emergency’ is imposed in the country. The PTI had promised to do so but backtracked after coming to power,” says Sarah Ali. She said the PML-Q should raise this issue in the parliament.

At present, Pakistan stands second across the globe and has the highest number of out-of-school children aged from 5 to 16 years with an estimated 22.8 million children not attending school, according to the latest statistics of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

“These out of school children are representing 44 per cent of the population in this age group. Educating such a huge population of the out-of-school children and ensuring international education standards within the existing system is not an easy task. PAK DESTINY

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