Forgive and forget : Maryam Nawaz a “pure soul”

Today Nawaz Sharif family including Maryam Nawaz met Javed Hashmi in Punjab House, Islamabad, and they ponder over taking Javed Hashmi back in PMLN. The picture of this meeting retweeted by Maryam Nawaz. But this is not then end but rather the start of the trend #JavedHashmi on twitter.

People have remidined Maryam Nawaz of what she said about Javed Hashmi when left PMLN and joined PTI. Here are the few tweets,from the past, of Maryam Nawaz on Javed Hashmi.

maryam nawaz past tweets on javed hashmi

Maryam Nawaz tweets in the past for Javed Hashmi

Today Maryam Nawaz retweeted this picture on her official twitter handle

Watch Video : Maryam receiving Javed Hashmi and saying “Welcome back to noon league”

Listen statements from both sides

Khawaja Asif was elected with the help of ISI in 2002: Javed Hashmi

Javed Hashmi was arrested to hijack PMLN from Nawaz Sharif: Khawaja Asif

Maryam Nawaz follows this saying “forgive and forget” and Javed Hashmi is of the opinion that

“دشمنی جم کر کرو ، لیکن رہے اتنا خیال جب کبھی ہم دوست بن جائیں توشرمندہ نہ ہوں “

ٰIn the end  “سیاست ذندہ باد”.



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