Germs of gender stereotype

By Maryam F Nisar

It is really astounding that even today girls are still being treated in a different manner as compared to boys as a result of deep-rooted biasness and cataleptic prejudice. The subject choices offered for girls’ during their academic years are a clear reflection of their disproportionate practices. Socially we have been habituated to such unfair discrepancies and the in depth exposure of such a malaise.

Our culture is being enveloped by the germs of gender stereotypes which have been deep-rooted deliberately and reflexively. Our outlook towards life and those of the younger ones has been impinged on us since an early age. Different opinions are related to both genders by the emblematical stereotypes. This has casted an incredibly pessimistic consequence on the society as a whole; and as a result we are losing our valued endowment in the form of talented students.

Many good scientists, engineers and students related to technical fields are the need of the day. Also we have to pay a ‘heavy’ cost by limiting the expectations of females by discouraging them to join the fields of their interest. No authentication has so far being brought forward to advocate this intrinsic diversity in aptitude or interest on the basis of masculinity and femininity. It is evident that modification can be brought about by altering the views of the society.

A pilot program can be introduced in academic institutions in which trainers can deal with and categorize students’ interest without any predisposition.

Morally, ethically and socially we have a heavy responsibility to take on. Our role is not an easy one in gearing with the obstacles faced by females.

A strong discrimination exists between the careers chosen by women in terms of inequalities and taking care of children which is considered as the sole responsibility of mothers, in and out of the house.

The world is looked upon as gender pigeonhole by adolescents as they observe the grave situation around them, classifying males and females acclimatizing their performances. Males have been accustomed to correlate females as caregivers which is extremely excruciating. In many countries today, a trivial percentage of men are playgroup teachers while approximately 90% are women employees. Same is the case with only a small number of males as early childhood trainers.

Not only this but at homes too, mostly parental tasks are performed by women in addition to being professional workers while men still consider themselves as the main source of income ignoring the dual responsibilities women have to endure. Mostly, the role played by men during their kids’ education at preschool level is zilch. Compared to women, it is less expected from men to make a serious effort to adapt their work agenda according to their family unit life.

Policy makers must find out ways to enable both genders to give off this stereotype culture in their respective societies. Men must consider that both genders have to split their responsibilities concurrently. Only this can lead to the smooth functioning of each society globally. — Pak Destiny

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