Good omen for social media, government announces advertisement for it, also plans to regularise it

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By Nazim Malik 

   Finally the PTI government has decided to bring a framework to regulate web TV and other social media sites through one platform namely Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PMRA). The social media will also get share in the advertisement.

    Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry Chaudhry disclosed this on Wednesday.  “Previous governments increased the media budget which added its dependence on public sector advertisements which disturbed the feasibility of many media houses,” he said.

    The information minister said the use of modern digital technology is  imperative for media advancement in the country yet local media houses lagged behind in using the latest technology. “Both the electronic and print media should adopt a business model depending on market forces to reduce their dependence on government advertisements. One-third of the government advertisements are being allocated to digital media,” he said.

   This is a good omen for the social media. One hopes the PTI government will not place curbs on social media on the pretext of regulating it. There will be a huge backlash if the government does so. Pak Destiny  

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