Imran unhappy with yet another former CJP… ‘who may not die on his innocence’

By Sarmad Ali

   (Pak Destiny)  PTI Chairman Imran Khan has expressed disappointment with yet another former Chief Justice of Pakistan and this time it is Zaheer Jamali.

     Earlier, he had reposed great trust in Iiftikhar Chaudhry and later found out that he was Nawaz Sharif’s man and starting bickering against him for his alleged role in 2013 genera election.

     This time Khan is upset with former CJP Jamali for his decision to delay the Panamagate case hearing and proceed on vacation instead.  “We will accept the final decision made by the Supreme Court. The judiciary is the only institution left that people are looking forward to,” e tweeted.

      The Panama case hearing is set to resume on January 4.

      When will Mr Khan learn the system in Pakistan? The poor politician first pins high hopes on judiciary especially the CJP and then his dream shatters… and every time he finds fault in one former CJP or another. Isn’t it better someone in his party tells him to stop making high expectations on judiciary… but he may not learn this. – Pak Destiny


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