It seems King Khan is strongly attracted to the very gorgeous Mahira

It’s no surprise that Mahira is a huge fan of Shah Rukh. But it seems even King Khan is equally smitten with the very talented actress.

During his interaction with press in Edinburgh where he had gone to receive his second honorary doctorate, the badshah of Bollywood couldn’t stop praising Mahira who is playing the leading lady in his upcoming film Raees.

“She’s beautiful, she’s fantastic and she has a very different style of acting. The reason we took her in the film was [that] we wanted it to be very different as far as the leading lady was concerned, and she brings that to the table and much more,” said SRK admiringly.

The megastar who recently made headlines for talking about the gender pay gap in Bollywood and receiving his second honorary degree, added, “it’s a pleasure to work with her.”


And he did not stop there! He also said the Pakistani beauty is “soft spoken, very gentle, very sweet”. It seems like Mahira has made quite an impression on King Khan.

This isn’t the first time Shah Rukh Khan has sung praises for Mahira though. Earlier, in a response to her tweet about his picture with Kajol from Dilwale, SRK tweeted back assuring her they will look good together in Raees.
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