‘Frightened’ Jasmeen Manzoor likely to settle abroad

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, July 24 (www.pakdestiny.com) Anchor Jasmeen Manzoor may settle abroad after her ‘cries’ before Prime Ministert Nawaz Sharif bears no fruit.
Some other anchors will follow the suite once they get the right piece of advice from the quarters concerned.
Sama TV showed her the door for carrying out her own agenda. However, she told the PM in Islamabad a couple of days ago that a ‘powerful political outfit’ of Karachi had threaten her to quit or face the consequences. It threatened to make her life miserable if she did not quit. She left Karachi for Islamabad and subsequently she will be leaving for Canada or any other destination in Europe to find ‘safe life’.
It is a sad end of one of the anchors furthering the agenda of different quarters.
The Sama TV had kicked out — Maya Khan on morality, Mehr Bukhari for provoking sentiments against Salman Taseer and Kamran Shahid for toeing the terrorist line — in the past. If other channels also follow the same line then this nation can be saved from ‘self-proclaimed moral brigade of anchors’. – Pak Destiny


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