Khan on footsteps of Sharifs — spares Chohan

By Sarmad Ali

Why Prime Minister Imran Khan did not fire controversial Punjab Fayazul Hasan Chohan  for his below the belt remarks about Pakistani known stage actresses — Nnargis and Megah — and ordering Taliban-like ban on billboards outside cinema houses.

Many in the PTI and civil society were expecting that during Khan’s Lahore visit this Saturday would immediately order firing of this controversial minister but the surprise of many Khan did nothing. One wonders why.

Khan could have set up a great example by sending this Chohan home but he like his predecessors chose to pat his man and asked him to continue doing his silly business.

Imran Khan on footsteps of the Sharif brothers by not taking action against Chohan for his below the belt remarks and Taliban-like action

If Khan does not have to remove such faces from his party then he should stop claiming that he is different from that of the Sharif brothers. – Pak Destiny


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