Love Bite or Scar on Mahira Khan’s back. Indi social media gone frenzy over leaked pictures

Indian electronic media and social media has gone frenzy over Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s picture leaks. Speculations are going all around about the big scar on the back of Mahira Khan in one of the leaked picture.

This is what most of Indian media’s opinion about Mahira Khan’s scar. It is claimed in this video that this scar is a love bite. Let watch this video :

For all those who say that scar is a love bite watch this video which has been recorded on the 8th Beirut International Awards Festival. And here is what source told us “Mahira Khan suffered through this cyst in recent past one could see it even on the sets of Raees. She got the surgery done earlier this year and what you see in the photos is nothing but the surgery scar,” source. | PakDestiny


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