Musharraf be hanged for three days — controversial verdict to be quoted for decades

Musharraf be hanged for three days -- controversial verdict to be quoted for decades

By Sarvat Hossein

“Dragging the body to D-Chowk and be hanged for 03 days”? And if Musharraf dies before the chance to execute him, his body is to be hanged in Islamabad for 3 days.

Yes indeed! This is the barbaric and intellectually paralysed language which has been used in Pervez Musharraf’s detailed judgement. The Pakistani nation and some social media avenues, such as Twitter, exploded over the delivery and the inhumane words used in the detailed judgement which was delivered by a special court on Pervez Musharraf’s trial.

Paragraph 66 in the judgement states that the evidence presented had established that Pervez Musharraf committed the crime of high treason.

Usama Qureshi twitted on the #MusharafVerdict: “This clearly shows that personal scores are being settled in an extremely unpleasant way. In my view this judge needs help from a full bench of psychiatrists. I have never seen such a harsh judgement, even against rapists, terrorists and looters etc.”.

The public at large showed their disgust over the situation and asked why other criminals such as looters and rapists of the country have not been and are not at the receiving end of this kind of treatment.

Pakistani politician and lawyer, Aitzaz Ahsan, commented whilst referring to the judge’s words in the verdict against Pervez Musharraf in high treason case: “A live person can be hanged, but not a dead body, under the law of the land.”

Has Pakistan ever, in its short history, hanged a rapist publicly? Even in the unfortunate case of Zanaib Amin’s rapist and murderer, Imran Ali, he was not hanged publicly.

The question arises: why did the court want to hang this particular subject in this case publicly, an Ex- Military Chief and former president of Pakistan.

Lest one forgets, what about his facilitators, those who helped him on his journey towards revoking the constitution of Pakistan and declaring the state of emergency? Is this a Fair judgement?

Sarvat Hussein


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