#NoToHumTV : Social Media building strong campaign against Hum Tv’s double standards

Social Media has risen up to highlight the double standards of electronic media and specially Hum Tv. A campaign has been launched to curb the efforts of destroying our cultural values in the name of freedom of speech.


Hum Tv is nothing but a channel to promote anti Pakistani culture content #NoToHumTV

Maheen Jibran


what is worse that our tv channels show things that are indirect contradiction with our cultural and social values? #NoToHumTV

Huma Khan ‏


Sadly, Now The Entertainment means to Show Vulgarity augmented with the theme of Extra Marital Affairs with your Sister in Law and Vice Versa #NoToHumTV



Gone are the days when families would sit together and watch Pakistani dramas. Instead, today we get to see the ‘not-so-moving’ storylines that seem to be inspired by Indian soaps #NoToHumTV

Umair Azam


ہم ٹی وی کے مطابق ان کی ایوارڈ سیرمنی انتخابات سے زیادہ اہم تھی۔



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