‘Innocent’ Pakistanis Happy on Pressler Saying Haqqani Changed Sides but not concerned over his recommendation to “Declare Pakistan A Terrorist State”

hussain haqqani,traitor

#HusainHaqqaniChangedSides is trending at top on twitter. I saw 36 seconds long clip where Mr Pressler declared Mr Hussain Haqqani “official traitor of Pakistan” by saying Hussain Haqqani is so “brave” to have changed sides and that’s it, we all Pakistanis become so happy on this statement, so do I, but only until I watched full interview.

But our innocent ‘awaam and social media warriors’ were not bothered by the absurd and most stupid ideology of Larry Pressler who is trying to convince US president to declare Pakistan “A terrorist state”. Mr Pressler thought anyone in the world who have enough cash can buy Pakistani nuclear weapons and load them in a truck and directly drive into Vietnam (He Is Genius).

On the other hand Haqqani also tried to do “Namak Halali (for USA/India)” by adding his own filthy notions and ideas in between the interview and done his usual “Namak Harami(for Pakistan)”. As on a question asked by Pakistani young politician from PTI Mr Haqqani became ‘unofficial’ spokesperson of US government and tried to ‘teach’ Pakistan how to ‘behave’. Watch the full interview. | PakDestiny

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