PML-Q is better off with PTI… Moonis Elahi advises PML-N to stop propagating on N-Q alliance

By Iram Salim

   To negate the PML-N propaganda that PML-Q may join hands with it especially in Punjab, senior leader and Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi had to hold a detailed meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and gave his words that his party is standing with him in the face of all challenges.     

    Parvez Elahi was of the view that his party has complete confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan and CM Buzdar as the government is working hard to overcome all the problems the county is facing today.

    The PML-N propaganda machine has recently started feeding misleading news — that PML-N leader Hamza met with PML-N senior leader MNA Moonis Elahi and discussed joining hands.

    Mr Moonis made it clear through his tweeter feed that it was a planted story by the PML-N circle.    

   Mr Moonis said: “Surprised to see all this. I have not met him nor do I want to . As far as my father is concerned, he isn’t interested in becoming cm punjab. We outrightly support @ImranKhanPTI choice @UsmanAKBuzdar .

    Since the N League and its leadership are in trouble they are twisting stories in media regarding PML-Q making an impression that it has a tilt towards it to form government in Punjab. It appears strange as why the PML-Q would shake hands with N League which is doomed under the clouds of corruption and accountability.

    Poor Hamza is trying his best to stay relevant and in order to tell his party’s MPAs he floats an idea that it may form Punjab government with the help of PML-Q.

       PML-N knows that without PML-Q it has no chance to come to power especially in Punjab for coming 4 plus years. And its lawmakers can not stick that longer to the party therefore it is even willing to give chief minister-ship to PML-Q. But Mr Moonis made it clear in a vivid message to the PML-N that his party is much better off with the PTI and will go along with it till the remaining term of the coalition government.

    Hamza should better prepare himself for NAB yatra and think about his longer stay over there in coming days in money laundering of billions of rupees. – Pak Destiny   


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