PTI’s Counter Attack : Kim Barker disclosed Nawaz Sharif’s Flirtation with Her in latest interview 

PTI has bounced back in the current scenario with this video. This video is taken from the recent interview  of Kim Barker,an American Journalist, with KERA radio. She told in interview about her experience meeting with then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif and disclosed his flirtations with her.

Here are the few excerpts from her interview. You can skip reading these excerpts and watch video at the bottom of this story. 

Kim Barker : ” He (Nawaz Sharif) asked me if I had a friend I think that was in August of 2008 if you had a friend if I had a friend you know do I do you have a friend Kim and I said yeah I have a lot of friends you know what are we talking about here and so let me push his I got oh do you mean like a friend friend especially I mean the way they use friend over there they play with this in the movie I’m like
what are we talking about here you know um and it turns out Nawaz Sharif want to know if I had a  boyfriend and I said you know I had one ”

Kim Barker : “He (Nawaz Sharif) says well you know I would like to help you find a friend and so then he’s offering to set me up and he asked me for my criteria and I said you know somebody tall
somebody smart and somebody funny and so he went through those criteria clarifying them and he said like he would look but admitted that tall was very difficult in a country like Pakistan because it is a short people and I’m 5 foot 10″ so you know and then it was just”

Kim Barker : He (Nawaz Sharif) had joked about like saying he wanted to buy me a phone I thought he was joking he wanted to buy me a phone so that we could talk without the ISI listening to us which is the you know spy agency in Pakistan and so at this last conversation he basically asked my translator to leave I didn’t even need to translate her but I sort of  felt like I  wanted somebody in the room yeah and he said you know he basically offered me the iPhone”: | PakDestiny

Watch Kim Barker revealing Nawaz Sharif’s Flirtation with Her in this Video




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