Sattar is still a ‘puppet’ Altaf Hussain continues to act as ‘MQM king’


By Ambreen Fatima

( As Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar tried hard to tell people that hiss is the new boss of MQM but in fact Altaf Hussain is going no where.

In a press conference in Karachi today he said that his party should operate from Pakistan alone, referring to Altaf Hussain who controls the party from London.

Sattar said there is a problem and that Hussain’s frequent apologies after incendiary statements is an issue that needs to be resolved. “The MQM should operate from Pakistan alone,” Sattar disclosed.

Disassociating himself from the party in London, saying he has categorically said that all the decisions will be made by party members in Pakistan, “what else do I need to say to elaborate the minus-one formula more”.

Referring to Hussain’s apology statement issued earlier today, Sattar said: “If such statements are a result of mental stress, then that mental stress needs to be resolved first. It would be better for MQM to operate from Pakistan until Altaf Hussain’s health issues are resolved, as such statements push MQM into confinement.

“Altaf Hussain and the entire party are being ridiculed due to these statements.”

But it appears that Sattar has just made an eye wash to gain time to resettle things and lower the tampers. “In fact inside there has been an understanding with Altaf and other leaders of MQM,” says a MQM leader while talking to Pak Destiny.  “Altaf Hussain will continue to act as king of MQM… this current change is an eye-wash,” the insider disclosed. Pak Destiny




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