Selfie time with gorgeous Mehwish Hayat

It’s our favourite day of the week; it’s Saturday! And with Saturday comes our selfie of the week. However, this time around, we were spoilt for choice by Mehwish Hayat’s Instagram so we couldn’t possibly pick just one. Instead, we can vicariously go on vacation through her fun shots from New York City and California!

The star landed in the States for the international premiere of her blockbuster, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani and it seems like she had such a ball that a work trip has turned into a leisure vacay!

What we’ve gathered so far is that she loves Halloween. We spotted her rocking some mean dreads, channeling her inner Marley!

Now we also know that she’s a big Walking Deademphasized text fan.

While we’re all merely pining to escape Pakistan’s treacherous hot weather, Hayat is enjoying fall in full bloom in the Big Apple!

Seriously, the woman looks like she just stepped out of Vogue.

She even crossed off some things from her tourist bucket list, like visiting Disneyland.

Or taking a picture with one of New York’s iconic black and yellow cabs.

Looks like the cute genes run in the family.

Selfie rating

Star power: With 322,000 followers on Instagram, Hayat’s star appeal is undoubtedly far-reaching. Special mentions go out to her adorable nephew and also her furry friend. 9/10

Angle: Take a look at that nose and cheekbones — it’s not just contouring, this lady knows how to take a selfie! Even while she’s laying down, she has skillfully avoided the dreadful double chin and the eyes almos rolling back into your head stare; she’s obviously a pro! 9/10

Lighting: Although her modeling experience is fairly evident from her photos, the exposure is too high in some of them. Her defined features are getting washed out in a couple of the pictures but hey, it’s better too bright than too dark! 7.5/10

Blur factor: Hayat takes her selfies like she manages her career: with laser light focus! 8.5/10

Overall rating: 8.5/10

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