Story of a salesman 

By Naima Fayyaz Butt

As, young Ali entered his home, he shouted, that’s enough! That’s enough! enough!

I don’t want to do this job and threw his tie on sofa. Mom, Dad and younger Arfa became conscious. Oh! My God what happened to him? Now what happened! Mom asked awkwardly to twenty year old son.

Before, Ali saying anything, Dad said it’s not new dear, I think he again quarreled with his manager. Tell me Ali, is this right? Mom looked at Ali. No Mom! Ali sat on sofa and took a long breathe. Enough! Moms I don’t want to do this job. But there should be some reason, Arfa said. Why are you talking so much? Did I ask you that why you didn’t go to school yesterday?

Mom said, Oh! Ali leaves her dear, tell me what happened? Ali explained, Mom is there any name of a salesman? Except O’ Kaka! He complained about peoples’ attitude, way of talking to boys who are doing small jobs in society. Yes! I know that I am a salesman but I am not servant of all those ill-mannered people. They do not respect me. Enough! I cannot bear this anymore!

Ali’s grandfather heard this entire he said it’s your entire fault Ali. I don’t forget that your father always forced you to continue your studies. If you didn’t leave studies you also had a name and people don’t call you “Aya Larkay”. Ali was getting irritated; he didn’t want to talk on this topic of giving up about his studies. He went his room without saying anything. He tried to sleep but he could not do so. He knew that his grandfather was right but he didn’t want to start his intermediate studies again.

Ali’s father was a poor man. He wanted to see his son at the peak. But when Ali was in 1ST year his teacher slapped him. That’s why he hated studies and left college. Mr. Kamal is first door neighbor of Ali. He was his teacher who slapped him. This was also reason that Ali’s father did have some disagreement with him and both families didn’t have a good relationship. Today, Ali was realizing that he shouldn’t leave his studies at any cost. When he left his college his dad advised his so much but Ali had his hands away from studies. He realized that his dad didn’t want to talk to him. Ali said to his father, It’s not late, I can rejoin my college. Next day Ali shared his thoughts first his dad. His dad, who was so much depressed yesterday, became happy today.

Section 2

Ali was very happy. He had got through in his inter exam and he got well marks. He was very excited to inform his family about the result. His mother was offering her prayer. Arfa was also waiting for her brother. Ali came home and gave this news first his mother. Arfa distributed some sweets to his entire neighborhood. Now, they were waiting for dad. When dad came back from his job, he listened and became much happy. Ali’s dad also brought sweets for Sir, Kamal. He congratulated him but it was clearly mentioned on his face that he was not happy and feels hesitation to congratulate him. Ali was excited for his graduation. Ali was doing his B.com alongwith his job.

Now, Ali was getting mature. If anyone in need of help, he helped him. He also taught his little sister. Mom and Dad were very happy. Sir, Kamal was in found of complaint of Ali but now in present situation, he didn’t do so. He got always good marks and regular attendance. When sir Kamal wanted to taunt him he just say ‘’Try to spread your clothes next side of your roof due to air which comes on our side’’.

Section 3

Today Ali has completed his M.com. Ali contacted to various places for his job. Ali’s number was just normal. Till now, he did not receive any call. Sir Kamal also asked him about his job to disturb him. Today Ali was missing his grandfather he always prayed for Ali. One year ago he was died.

After few weeks, he received a call from a transportation agency. Ali was to be in search of job of like this. On next day, he prepared for his interview. He felt good and a confident smile can be seen on his face. He answered all the questions very greatly. Ali reached at home where everyone was waiting for him. He told that he got a job and salary is also good. He explained that he has to supply products from one city to another.

When sir Kamal got this news he said ‘’

‘’hazaroon saal nargis apni benoori pe rooti hai

Badi mushkil say………………….’’

He just said this and stopped as he saw his wife. Sir Kamal’s wife loves Ali as her own son. When, Sir Kamal slapped Ali first time she felt so bad. Today Ali sent specially a box of sweet to her home.

Section 4

It had been two years to Ali to do this job. In these two years Ali got his sister married and he got his parents to haj. Sir Kamal’s wife was very happy from Ali. She said to sir KAMAL we should talk to Ali’s Mom and Dad about Ali for our daughter . Her daughter name is Elishba .

Once, Ali’s mom had talk to sir Kamal’s wife but sir Kamal was not in favor of his wife. But in present situation he accepted the proposal.

When sir Kamal met with Ali about this matter Ali came to him, hug him and said ‘’Sir you are my spiritual dad as you take me to this position. Yah its ok, its ok sir Kamal said with smartness. Sir Kamal asked to Ali ‘’Are you a member of transportation agency? Yes sir, Ali answered like he is a servant of sir Kamal. He again asked ‘’Do you sell things one city to another? Ali again said ‘’ yes sir’’. Sir Kamal came nearest to Ali and whispered to him ‘’Young man have you noticed that you are still a SALESMAN’’. Now Ali smiled. – Pak Destiny

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