The question of ‘good and bad’ Qatari money

By Sarmad Ali

Senior journalists have started raising questions about the now “good Qatri factor” which was bad yesterday.

Journalist Talat Hussain tweeted “we borrow more (with pride) from the same Qatri family whom PM Imran and his associates ridiculed no end during Panama trials. But how much are Qartris giving us? 3b Riyals? Or 3b 💵? Qatris saying Riyals. Hafeez is saying 💵. I R equals 0.27 dollar.”

Talat has a point. On how many issues this Imran Khan government will take U-turn.

Now it also must accept the fact that beggars must not be choosers. We should put in question the role of our ‘foreign masters’ when we run to their door for some extra bucks to give a lease of life to our economy.

If Qatari ‘sarmaya’ was not good yesterday it should be so today. Pak Destiny


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