Twitter rife with –Pakistan ‘most dangerous country in world’ — after lynching of Sri Lankan national

Twitter rife with --Pakistan 'most dangerous country in world' -- after lynching of Sri Lankan national

By Raza Ruman

The social media is rife with the Newsweek’s over a decade old edition in which Pakistan was declared the most dangerous nation in the world.

“It is not Iraq but Pakistan that is the most dangerous nation in the world,” Newsweek said. This is one of the top trends on Twitter on Monday.

And this is so because of brutal lynching of Sri Lankan national which hanged the Pakistanis heads in shame.
Kiran Aftab writes on Twitter: “One incident after another

country truly become wasteland & why this happening ? bcox ppl not trust on law anymore due to courts biasness
Home, mullah or sch. I wonder where we r taught this intolerance & brutality.”

Similarly, Mehaboob Ahmed says “#سیالکوٹ_سانحہ These people don’t pertain to the real islam. Islam teaches love, patience,& humanity. Antipathy, animosity & iniquity with non Muslims is not the Islam. Minorites have thier life & rights in the Islamic state.This is just an arbitrary act that need no approbation.”

At least one silver king in this gory incident Pakistan is looking at and that is of Adnan Malik. “#MalikAdnan has real heart of tiger because he opposes lakhs of people . He is trying to save country image and as a human all have to remember this.”

We need to revisit why this is happing. Dawn’s Fahd Hussain writes “The writer is Dawn’s resident editor in Islamabad.
NO one is responsible for lynching a Sri Lankan national in Sialkot on Friday. Absolutely no one. That is the lesson we may as well internalise once we are done being shocked and outraged.

Not that this will take too long. We are a resilient nation, as we are so fond of saying. There have been lynchings before — remember Mashal Khan and the two brothers in Sialkot — and we have survived those with our grace and dignity intact, thank you very much. That said, the official machinery’s experience of dealing with shocking incidents will once again keep it in good stead. The SOP files detailing a response have already been dusted off the shelves and are being followed in letter and spirit.

Prime minister’s tweet of shock. Check. Chief minister’s expression of sadness and ordering of inquiry. Check. Inspector general police’s vow to arrest the culprits. Check. DC/DPO’s arrival on the scene registered in a ‘timely’ fashion. Check. Cabinet ministers’ random vows/ outrages/ condolences. Check. Official maulana/ ulema/ cleric reminder this is not what our religion teaches us. Check. Usual suspects’ denial of involvement. Check. And check, check, check.”

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